A farmer had two Pobedas still in 1968. Then he bought two more just in case! Those two were in a house when it burned down and these two that i have are the two left. My two are of year 1956 and the year of the other two are unknown. I got these two car for free of the farmer and they have been unused for 35 resp. 37 years. I have started to restore one of the cars but will not try to put it in good shape. I will keep it as it is. Main job is to get it in so good condition that it can be registered. I.e there is enough to do! The car is in Finland.

21 aug 2006: UPD!
The car is now registered and in traffic.
The cavravan is a Willerby (english) 1965.
And as you see… they are in ?????condition!

1 apr 2008: UPD!

Sam Bergholm and his Pobeda
320×240, DivX, 2.40 min. 3,7Mb.

Sam Bergholm, Finland

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