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Posted by: sebCH
Sun02/07/2006 11:13:12AM
Re: Can anyone help??

Thank you for your answer!
1)I would like to know from people who have experience how much fuel a Pobeda (in good condition) uses for 100 kilometers (when driving normally) because on the internet, I have seen several different things...
2)I also need to know if it is difficult to find parts for the car, including small things like electric part (lights, instruments, etc), as well as body parts. Could I find them new or used, and where, at what price, etc?
3)I have seen several Pobeda around 1'000 US dollars on the net. For that price, what condition can I expect? What is usually needed to drive the car again?

These are my questions for now, thanks in advance for you answers! Sebastien

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