Форум переехал сюда!

Posted by: SebCH
Tue04/07/2006 12:58:17PM
Re: Can anyone help??

Thank you for your reply!
Your fuel consuption figures look pretty terrible to me!! 24 liters is a lot!! It is maybe good that the cars have volga engines in now... My goal is not oldtimer value, but driving a cool old car that would be pretty rare where I live. So fuel economy is pretty important to me.. I even thought of putting a volvo engine in it to use less gas once I am home!!
What you describe for parts availability is pretty common for a car that old, I guess, but it's good to know before buying.
Now two more questions: is there a list of newer parts that can be used on pabedas, as you say? And what are the most important points to look when buying a car (meaning: what are the most costly things to repare/restore)?
Thansk again and have a nice day, Sebastien

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