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Posted by: Artem
Sun02/07/2006 19:50:07PM
Re: Can anyone help??

As for your first question - it depends, i.e. there is no one exact figure of fuel consumption. Have a look: at highway, excluding stops and accelerations you can obtain as less as 11 l/100km. According to car manual, Pobeda uses 13.2 l/100km. (72-octane petrol). Once I measured, driving mostly in a city and I got about 16 l/100km (76-octane). In winter, with frequent warm-ups and stops pobeda could burn up to 24 l/100km. All figures correspond with native pobeda engine (SV-type).

Your second question is much more complicated. Some Pobeda parts are common with relatively modern russian cars. Brakes, transmission, suspension and so on. In some cases you can replace several parts with modern ones and no one will notice the substitution. But in the other hand, there are some things, which are extremely hard to find, especially in good condition. First of all, plastic details of interior. Than, chrome-covered parts of exterior. Also maybe original pobeda-style tyres, some other parts. Keep in mind, that you have to change oil-filter cartridge every 2000 km, so even if you have a few - its better to keep in store.

Prices... It's a question of your personal luck and patience. Basically, car for $1000 can drive itself, but needs salon restoration, some welding and multiple minorities. Note that most of pobedas now are with replaced engine (as a rule - Wolga motor with max. performance about 75 h.p.) Such replacement is good for usability, but reduces car's value as an oldtimer.
And I really don't know how is about customs while exporting Pobeda abroad. There will be some difficulties - the youngest pobeda celebrates its 48'th anniversary this year. Check situation in Poland, they have the same car, named Warszawa.

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